4 Jun

Esther Poyer:

Helping to raise awareness is the least I can do. It’s also a great article and a good read. Namaste.

Originally posted on Curses and Riots:

I still get somewhat embarrassed mentioning the fact that I am sick. Shame can creep in pretty quickly and I feel I should apologise for not being fit or energetic enough to take part in a more active life. But thankfully that’s only part of the story. Perhaps this is an indication that my thinking is more about social conditioning than it is about my personality. It’s easy, for us all, to get the two confused. Luckily I have a stubborn streak – when something needs to be said I will not shut up, especially when the gauze of silence hides the truth.

And it’s this that prompted ‘Living Differently’ – a series of articles and interviews focussing on those affected by chronic and long-term health conditions. I’ll start by something that we all have in common and that’s sex. Or more precisely intimacy, because even if we are not…

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  1. Deborah Avila 6 June, 2012 at 3:34 AM #

    Feel better dear~ Happy you reblogged cause I hadn’t read this! Thanks dear~ Deborah

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